“Expand customer service with seamless execution at the point of sale and increase product interaction.

Nuestro servicios están diseñados para que tus productos siempre estén disponibles y bien exhibidos en el punto de venta.

Le proporcionamos todas las herramientas y los recursos necesarios para realizar sus auditorías.


Surveys at Points of Sales

Get performance indicators in stores

Custom-designed services, with a high dispersion of resources at the National Level.

Objectively evaluate compliance with company standards and procedures, verifying image requirements, inventory management and storage among others, used as benchmarks through a systematic, independent and documented process to obtain evidence from the records.

The gondola measurements, or Share Of Shelf, allow obtaining indicators of the existence of products and the presence of advertising elements, allowing to improve the executions in supermarkets.


POP material is a category of Marketing that uses advertising placed at points of sale. We ideally execute your marketing plan, improving gondola facing, increasing interaction with your products and increasing sales rates.

Recognition of images in the POS

We have a cloud platform that allows us to collect, process and analyze information for quick and effective decision making.