“The QR code turns out to be an excellent opportunity to obtain feedback from your customers, receive suggestions or complaints. "



On Line Surveys

Get the answers you need.

Customer Satisfaction can make a difference in the business

Take advantage of our solid experience, and online tools to monitor all points of contact with customers, obtain customer feedback and measure satisfaction in an integrated platform.


Use the Email survey solution to get customer feedback.

Optimize automatic mechanism for sending invitations with quotas and response tracking. They can be distributed by email, social networks, direct links. These surveys can feed back on other metrics, such as mystery shopping, by providing quantitative data.


Through the scanning of a QR Code provided on the packaging of products, invoices or any type of printed brochures, the client is directed to the survey. The data obtained can be useful for testing new products, or to gather information on service satisfaction.


Contact respondents directly on your mobile! The module works for both offline SMS and smartphones.


Hire your survey pack and we will help you take your brand exactly where it needs to be: ahead of the rest